Cleaning and maintenance


Your self-catering cottage needs to be scrupulously cleaned in between guests – there is nothing more off-putting than finding pet hairs in between sheets or a dirty cup in the cupboard. Unfortunately guests don’t always follow guidelines about emptying bins and washing dishes, which unless checked, is unpleasant for the guests coming in after them.  

Time is of the essence between guests if you have wall to wall weekly bookings. Even with the best cleaner(s) in the world things go wrong if they become ill or have problems that prevent them from working. For these times, it’s a case of doing the job yourself if your cottages are on site or obtaining the services of a cleaning company if it’s not practical to be there personally.
We’ve heard all sorts of tales about problem guests; the ones who it took hours to clean up after and 5 bags of rubbish to dispose of including dirty nappies, Indian ladies who left difficult to remove stains on the bed linen from sindhoor or red vermilion bindis that they wear on their foreheads, red wine stains on carpets and so on. Fortunately most guests will respect your property and rules.

It is important to make these rules and expectations clear to guests, if not before, then on arrival, as part of your welcome guide.  

 Scheduled and regular maintenance

Many cottage owners select a quiet time of year such as the first couple of weeks in January to carry out regular maintenance, check electrical and gas appliance, change batteries in smoke alarms, paint and decorate to keep things fresh. In addition to this there is ongoing regular maintenance; changing light bulbs, sterilising hot tubs and Jacuzzis, removing stains, cutting lawns and keeping gardens neat and tidy. Each additional facility you offer, swimming pool, tennis court etc. requires looking after.

Maintenance is so much more difficult to manage from a distance unless you have a local agent or very responsible person on hand.

The other thing to bear in mind is the suing culture of today - people will sue and complain about the smallest thing. It is essential to have adequate insurance and 'own risk' clauses in your terms and conditions.

Even though you warn guests not to drink alcohol when using the hot tub, or inform them that they use leisure equipement at their own risk, there is a small percentage who will contravene the rules and then attempt to blame you and seek compensation.

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Cottage Gems for Luxury Holiday Accommodation
Cottage Gems for Luxury Holiday Accommodation
Cottage Gems for Luxury Holiday Accommodation
Cottage Gems for Luxury Holiday Accommodation
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