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Good news for self-catering accommodation owners

The falling pound may not be that wonderful for Britain as a whole but it is making Britain a much cheaper, better value holiday destination for foreigners. At the same time, Brits feel the pinch if they holiday abroad, in the  Eurozone in particular, and are opting to holiday at  home. 

Unemployment is still rising throughout Europe which limits the number of people who can afford to take holidays but when they do, they look at bargain Britain favourably.

Special Deals for advertising foreign villas and apartments

Bargains abound for cottage owners this year, advertise your cottages PLUS villas and apartments abroad for less. Click the above link for details.

Credit card fraud involving British issued cards declined this past year, party because fraudsters are targeting stronger currencies than Sterling with lower security measures. Other internet scams are meantime proliferating.  Read about staying safe online.


Self-catering holidays are increasingly good value

Self-catering holidays have always been a good value option, especially for families with children. The standard of self-catering has also risen over the years. Small cottage complexes especially, provide a good amount of free entertainment in the form of swimming pools, saunas, childrens' playgrounds and a host of other activities. This reduces the pressure on mums and dads who can be confronted with incessant demands for entry to various leisure parks, ice creams and other purchases. Keeping children on-site where much is provided not only amuses the children but also gives the parents a well-earned peaceful rest. Take a look at a few self-catering holiday cottage complexes to what great value they offer

There has never been a better time to bang the drum for Britain. We have a beautiful geen country with a glorious coastline, aeons of history and culture. Our country is multicultural with a welcome for all nationalities, the cuisine has absorbed global influences providing a rich choice.  Holidaymakers can enjoy civilised shopping without the need to bargain or feel pressured into a sale. Our goods are of a high quality and backed by guarantees. The prices are lower than in many other European countries.

Let's recommend Britain as the holiday destination this year and celebrate our bargain status.