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Weekly stays in luxury two bedroom/2 bathroom house with enclosed garden. Stunning sea views. On edg...
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Holiday home exchange

Holiday home exchange -  swap your holiday home with someone else's holiday home to enjoy a change of scenery at no extra cost apart from travel costs.

People interested in displaying their holiday home as available for a holiday home exchange are advertisers with and this is part of the overall package.

Cottage owners agree their exchange directly with other cottage owners. No need to belong to expensive home exchange schemes.

This system has worked for some cottage owners who have successfully exchanged holiday homes both in the UK and abroad. The advantages of this system are:

  • It's free for owners of holiday cottages is they already advertise with Country Cottages Online
  • You are exchanging a holiday home of a good standard rather than with someone's everyday home of unverified standard
  • You are dealing with someone else in the business who understands the need for professionalism
  • Anyone on the web with a holiday home anywhere can contact you and not just members of individual holiday home exchange web sites.

View Holiday Home Exchange web site for details of properties on the exchange list.